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Going Yard Baseball Academy 2023/2024

Going Yard Baseball has humble beginnings dating back to January 2013. Going Yard Baseball began at 1902 Alberta Ave. Under the care and direction of Dan Demchenko and Matt Kosteniuk. The Going Yard Training Centre was home to the Saskatchewan Baseball Academy, where Greg Brons along with Matt Kosteniuk was able to groom the players who would eventually be the core players who would go on to win the Canada Baseball Cup in 2016 and 2017.  In 2016 Jordan Draeger was added to the Going Yard team. During this time Going Yard Baseball introduced the Fall Baseball program which was previously run by Saskatoon Fall Baseball with Jesse Renneberg. The program developed into an off-season training program known today as the "Goats" program. The Goats program has grown with time and success and has now developed into 4 year-round traveling teams and the Going Yard Baseball Academy. Marshall Dean and Brody Boyenko joined us full time running the Goats programs and our academy. Going Yard Baseball has now produced 50+ post-secondary baseball players and is the preferred training center for our local professional players. The dedication of the staff and the love for the game of baseball have been the driving force behind the growth of Going Yard and the success we have achieved over our first 10 years. 

Goats Purpose


The academy is aimed at players who have been scouted as high-performance athletes. Aimed to attract players who achieve to play baseball at a high level, and are committed to working year-round on their skills. The program is designed to focus on the athlete's talents as individual players to provide opportunities for them to excel in the game and attract post-secondary baseball opportunities. 

Respect, Responsibility, and Commitment is the main philosophy while helping our players to improve teamwork and social skills.


 Top Facilities in Canada


 Goats train out of what we consider the top facility in the nation, "Gordie Howe Sports Complex". The complex offers: 

- 90 yds x 50 yds field turf, complete with 2 full-size infields.

- 3 full-length pitching tunnels complete with mounds and targets. 

- Rapsodo pitching camera and radar technology, pro-level data.

- 3, 65ft hitting cages, complete with Hack-Attack pitching machines. 

- HitTrax data capture and simulation hitting technology. 

- 15,000 sf weight room, run by leaders in the industry, Ignite Athletics. 

- 3,000 sf separate Goats weight room. 

- 2 large classrooms, complete with monitor and speaker systems. 

- 2 full-sized 18U baseball fields (Cairns Field, Leakos Field)

Attitude and Effort


We prepare our players for elite baseball and teach players the dedication and determination it takes to excel in this sport. Goal setting and engagement from our players are paramount. We aim to enable them with the knowledge to take control of their development. Practicing at an elite level means consistent repetition, skills-specific instruction, advanced game tactics, and understanding, along with being challenged and pushed to the next level by practicing alongside elite players.


Coaches are invested in each player, and work hard with them to develop goals to be seen and scouted for their post-secondary goals

In 2021, GY's Goats' first year of business 11 out of 11 graduating athletes with post-secondary placement throughout North America.




Goats Staff - The Goats coaching staff currently offers 6, professional coaches with college or MLB experience. These coaches are filled with the knowledge and experience to help young players improve in all aspects of the game. The staff works closely with players to prepare them for the transition to post-secondary baseball as well as the challenges faced in everyday life away from the game. Our coaches have the passion to push baseball forward in Saskatchewan and create as many opportunities as possible for our players.









Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 1.28.27 PM.png


Goats Tools & Team


 Our coaching staff uses several different development tools to help our players adjust and improve. 

- Driveline PlyoCare Balls

- Driveline Traq Program

- Driveline ArmCare Development 

- Axe Bat Speed Trainers

- Axe Bat Long Trainers

- Driveline Hitting PlyoCare Balls

Goats Support Staff


 Goats work with some of the top physiotherapists in the nation through our partnership with Zone Physiotherapy. Players are provided with a comprehensive range of motion assessment to determine athlete deficiencies and provide individualized mobility and stretches.

Yoked Goats


Weightlifting and speed development programs are based on the latest developments from the leaders in the world of baseball (Driveline, MLB, NCAA). These programs are designed by the incredible strength and conditioning coaches at Ignite Athletics, along with our in-house visionary Brody Boyenko

Year Round Training 


The Gordie Howe Sports Complex allows coaches to engage with players both in the weight room and on the turf throughout the winter months. Creating an unparalleled training environment all year long.




Goats Exposure


Goats take as many exposure opportunities as possible to get in front of college scouts. Playing in both U.S. and Canadian-based tournaments. We look for the highest competition to push our players to compete at their highest potential. 

Goats Alumni


Goats get the opportunity to train alongside collegiate and professional players as our alumni return home for much of their off-season training. 

Additional program features

Part-Time Mental/Sports Psychology Coach

- Clothing Package

Please reach out if you have interest in the program, or if you have any questions:

Training Schedule 

Daily Training - Monday to Friday 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM on field or turf & weightlifting sessions.

Semester 1 – September to January
Semester 2 – January to May

Game Schedule:

(Subject to Change)

- September 2nd & 3rd – Saskatoon Tournament
- September 9th & 10th – Winnipeg, MB
- September 15th to 18th – Kamloops, BC - Best of the West 
- September 23rd & 24th – Regina, SK
- September 29th to Oct 1st - Regina, SK
- October 6th - Williston Community College

- October 7th - Dawson Community College

- October 9th - Miles City Community College

- October 10th - Bismark Community College
- October 15th & 16th – Showcase / Tournament - Saskatoon, SK

- March 9th to 17th - TIG Invitational Collegiate Baseball Tournament - Tucson, AZ

- March 9th to 17th - Russmatt HS Tournament - Orlando, FL

- April 11th & 12th - Okotoks Baseball Academy - Okotoks, AB

- April 18th & 19th - Webber Baseball Academy - Calgary, AB

20+ Games against Collegiate Competition. Direct exposure to viable collegiate baseball programs. 


It is expected that the student-athlete maintains a positive relationship with their academic institutions. If the player is expelled or suspended from school on any given day, the player will not be eligible to train or attend team events that day and throughout the duration of the suspension. Students are expected to maintain academic integrity and show leadership qualities in their classrooms.


Jordan Draeger: Catching / Hitting - Bluefield State College, West Virginia. 

Matt Kosteniuk: Hitting/Outfield - Saskatchewan Baseball

Marshall Dean: Pitching/Infielding - University of Central Missouri

Brody Boyenko: Pitching/Strength&Conditioning -  Prairie Baseball Academy

Andrew Albers: Pitching - Former MLB


Connor Sparks: Pitching - Former MLB Draft Pick,


Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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