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Saskatchewan Distance Learning Centre

Sask DLC is the provincial online learning provider for Kindergarten to Grade 12 education, and supports students throughout the province learning online both full and part-time.


Sask DLC offers more than 120 high school courses, ranging from core classes to a wealth of elective options allowing you to pursue a passion and gain valuable skills to meet your individual needs and offering flexibility while you work towards Grade 12 graduation.


Sask DLC Supports and Online Learning Options

Sask DLC is also able to support our athletes to choose additional courses either at their local school or online. This will support them in meeting their high school graduation requirements while providing flexibility to their training schedule. Sask DLC has a career guidance counsellor available to meet with athletes and families to go over their specific academic needs in collaboration with their local school.

Students can also choose to enrol in additional online courses, as needed, to support their education plan. Registration for the 2024-25 school year is now open and intake is ongoing throughout the school year. A full list of courses available for the 2024-25 school year are available at


Other Opportunities

Students attending an in-person school in Saskatchewan can also contact their local principal or guidance counsellor for more information on registering in Sask DLC online courses.
All courses taken online at Sask DLC appear on your official transcript and can be transferred to home schools in other provinces, if needed.


Contact Information


If you are interested, so are we! Check out for more information or to register. You can
also connect with Sask DLC directly at or call the main office at 306-252-1000 or
toll-free at 1-844-515-3276 if you have any questions.

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